Business code
Business code

HYDAC Group business code

Being a worldwide active Group, we see it as a matter of course to act according to the same basic principles on the market all over the world. The business code below lays down minimum requirements on this basis, which can be supplemented to suit national needs.

  1. Relevant existing laws and other national and international regulations form the natural fundamentals for our action.

  2. We take account of the relevant social, cultural and political boundary conditions.

  3. Human dignity rules out any kind of discrimination, force or harassment.

  4. The applicable regulations with regard to protection of minors, labour protection and health protection are an imperative and postulation for us to put these human rights into practice. This ultimately includes environmental protection.

  5. We stand by the principles of free market economy and hence by open and fair competition.

  6. Confidentiality is a central prerequisite for fair and partnership-based cooperation.

  7. We will not cooperate with persons, companies or institutions that are known to fail to observe these minimum standards.